Is the FMJ A32 intergrated phone stage any good?

I'm looking at conserving some money while in the process of setting myself up with a turntable.

It has been suggested that I could run a table through the FMJ phone stage and use its "tape out" to feed my pre-amp. This would allow me to focus funds on a better cartridge and then upgrade the phone stage at a later date when the right one appears.

If the A32 is going to do a decent job this sounds like a valid solution.

Arcam specs the MM stage as
Input sensitive 27mV
Input Impedance 47 k ohm
Signal to noise -79db
Overload margin 35db

Currently looking at  Dynavector , Hana SL, etc for cartridge on a Well Tempered Amadeus

SF Elipsa's, BHK's,'re cookin with gas.

Arcam FMJ.... what happened? No idea how your proposed make do would sound, but a Schiit Mani is $150 shipped, and it's good.
The Arcam is from my old setup.  Currently it drives the outdoor speakers. Too nice to sell at a give away price so it serves well for what it can.