Is the Hegel H-20 better than the Parasound A-21?

The Hegel H-20 amp costs $3400.00 more than the Parasound A-21 amp. Is it worth the extra cost? It appears that both Bent Holter and John Curl are formidable circuit designers.
Especially John Curl who pioneered and developed the amplifier measuring system back in the 70's which has become the standard globally for bench testing amp's. Just curious if the sound quality is on par between the two amps.

The new amps are not even in the same ballpark as the old, I used to sell the originals and they were good not great.

I sell some incredible amplifiers from Chord, BAT, Bryston, and Hegel, and the new Aragon 8008 sounds like a way more expensive amplifier than it has the right to be, and it is a best buy in its price range.

AudioZen, other than I could not get a very clear picture of where the instruments were placed in the soundstage (like I get in my system), I didn't detect any of the symptoms you described. I would say the sound had some warmth, although it was most likely due to the tube preamp the 8008 was paired with. The sound was as crystal clear as the much more expensive ML/Krell room.

The only thing that raised a flag is this statement from the 8008 manual:

2. Using higher-efficiency loudspeakers (87dB/W/m or greater) will reduce the average amount of amplifier power consumed to produce a target listening loud-ness. This effectively helps reserve greater peak amplifier power when loud musical transient passages are reproduced.
This value seems to be at the threshold level of Magnepan speakers (86dB/500Hz /2.83v) and other low sensitivity speakers. So, I wonder if the amp is stable below 4ohms.
Audiooracle..Had a long conversation today with Rick, co-owner of Indy Audio Labs, who provided further history on the new Aragon 8008 amp that was released last August. He is aware of the earlier amps that did not sound that good that were designed by Mike Kusiak, head designer who took over in the 90's. The first Aragon Pre-Amp and the their first amp, the 4004 was designed by Dan D'agostino. Mike designed the 4004 MKII. The current 8008 is designed by Indy engineers and Kusiak was not involved in the design and is not employed by Indy. The very high quality Cornell Dubilier capacitors are only made for Aragon. Indy Audio Labs purchased Aragon in 2009. It appears that the new 8008 can be added to the great performance value list such as Parasound, Hegel and others.

You are not understanding what the manual is saying, they are saying that the amount of electricity consumed with lower sensitivity speakers will increase, and this amplifier is a beast based on original Krell Class Designs, think KSA 250, the amp was designed by Dan D'agostino originally and has no problem with less efficient speakers.
My last post was not on the subject of sensitivity. Rick did point out the new 8008 will drive 4 or 3 ohm speakers. I was just relaying info from my conversation with him. Your added info is appreciated. So what you are saying is that the earlier Aragon amps were built on the Krell platform. Early Krell amps were cold and shrill and were mocked by Audiophiles and Dan was kicked out of Krell. Makes sense that the early Aragon amps were cold and shrill as well.Thank God Aragon/Indy has better Engineers that have turned things around. D'agostino is way overrated but is very good at marketing himself and Engineers such as Demian Martin, Nelson Pass, Eric Lauchli and John Curl blow Dan out of the water.