Is the KAB Fluid Damper worth it if...

...that is the only mod you purchase for a technics 1210? My setup will consist of a 3" maple platform with brass footers replacing the existing ones. I really don't think I could do the rewire myself, and I don't really want to send my turntable into KAB. With just the purchase of the damper would this rig be able to get the most out of higher end cartridges?--Cheers
I think most 1200 users agree that the best upgrade for the Technics is the Sumiko headshell. At $40, it's also the most inexpensive.

I believe the fluid damper only makes a big difference when using finnicky cartridges that cost far more than the SL-1200 itself, like low-compliance, low-output moving coils. So if, as you say, you plan to use a high-end cartridge, then absolutely, go for it. I find Denon MC cartridges pair very well with the SL-1200. The most popular pairing is with the DL-103 and DL-103R (which perform beyond their modest price tags) but the $950 DL-S1 is one of the greatest steals in all of audio. Just some suggestions.

Try the Sumiko first. I consider it essential so regardless of whether you do the fluid damper or not, it won't be a wasted purchase.
Ed, in past times you were pretty enthusiastic about the DL-160 on the SL-1200, a little less so about the DL-103. How has that changed for you in the last 2-3 years, and what's your current opinion on the DL-103 or DL-103R on an SL-1200 vs. the DL-160? And did you ever mount a DL-103 variant on an SL12x0 with the KAB fluid damper? I have an SL1210 M5G w/fluid damper, Sumiko shell, and DL-160. I'm wondering what the DL-103 brings to the party.

And +1 on your assessment of the Sumiko headshell. It should be the first thing an SL-12x0 owner buys after the turntable itself. In fact, whenever I think about getting another cartridge, I think of getting another Sumiko to mount it on. I won't be putting it on the Technics or Stanton shells I have hanging around the house.
04-09-08: Johnnyb53....the Sumiko headshell. It should be the first thing an SL-12x0 owner buys after the turntable itself.

johnnyB, hmm? must've missed this in the past. So, the sumiko headshell provides what improvements? I already have the fluid damper and use a AT150MLX cart.

thanks, ed