Is the Mark Levinson 333 still a GOOD amp???


Im thinking about buying a ML-333 amp on Audiogon.
I know it was a great amp in its day, is it still
considered a good amp today? Whats with the Caps replacement on the ML-333???
The ML-333 will be replacing my Odyssey Stratos Mono-bloc SE amps.The Odyssey Mono SE are very Musical in the mid-range.
Associated equipment:B&W Nautilus 804s,Primare Pre-30,
Marantz SA-11 Sacd/Cd player, AQ Mont Blanc Bi-wire,
AQ Panther XLR cables.

a great amp for sure, but if you're looking for something that yours lack soundwise....i don't think the difference will be profound. you have great amps
The ML is a great amp, bettered only by the 335 and 336. The 300 series was plagued by bad caps. A costly replacement at around $1000 if you get unlucky. I owned a 332, 333 and 336 and never had a cap issue. If you can get the 333 at a good price, buy it--you'll love it.