Is the Musical Fidelity Nu-vista M3 outdated

I've always wanted a Musical Fidelity Nu-vista M3 integrated amp ever since Michael Fremer's review, and I was wondering if these still hold there own or if I would be better off with something newer. They would be driving Scorpio II. Opinions please.
You have many here finding great joy listening to old Scott and fisher amps and receivers. So I would say no to your idea of outdated when comparing the MF to any modern design. I for one would go for it and you might be pleasantly surprised with the units built and sound. The best so go for it.
Go for it. I use a MF CD/ PRE 24 with my Prima Luna tube amp. Ten years on and I still love the piece. Currently looking for mint 308s.

I just read the Stereophile review and you would be crazy not to go for it. The specs are terrific and if you like what they had to say in the review, then that will not change even 10+ years later. I would say get yourself a used price bargain and revel in how good this beast sounds - as good as it looks too!
I had one for a very brief spell. I found the sound quality below average and the appearance was gaudy. I sold it quickly.

Sometimes newer is not always better. I started with a MF XA-100r, one of the original X-series, and loved it. Then acquired an A3, pretty much the same sound, but conventional size. Next was an A308, a definite step up in sound. Then I tried an A5, and was disappointed. Newer, more power than the A308, but didn't sound as good, so I went back to the A308, and still use it. The A308, like the M3 were built in England, with the A5 and later being built in Taiwan. Currently, only the top models are built in England. Absolutely, go for it!!