Is the Oppo-105 with Modwright modifications

As good as they say it is. I was talking to a dealer today and he said you can't have a state of the art product when you start with crap. He said the Saber DAC's were junk and I'd be wasting my money doing the Modwright upgrades. On the other hand I have heard people rave about it. What is your take on this player and the Modwright upgrades? Am I better off buying a high-end used CD player without a warranty. I like the Idea of a modded player but I don't want to be disappointed and take a big loss.
Since sound and taste and all the other things we discuss here are all so
subjective, I doubt that you will get an answer that is not subjective and
therefore of little use to you.

These types of questions just end up going in circles to nowhere. As you
know from being on here so often, the Oppo units are a favorite by a large
margin. Your dealer made a foolish and opinionated comment and should
not be taken as a fact. I would wonder why he called one of the best selling
and most widely used components at this years AXPONA

I heard the Oppo many , many, many times with $5k to $300k of
equipment. I cannot say that about any other CD/SACD/DVD-A/Blu-Ray
player from ANY manufacturer!

If it is crap then the majority of audio industry demonstrations must be in
collusion with the Oppo company. Lol!

Was this a serious question or are you just trying to be provocative? :-)
WOW would I NEVER listen to this dealer again. The '105 is one of the best-sounding SACD players money can buy and is maybe a quarter of the average price of the other SACD players that MIGHT be its equal. It uses the best DACs that money can buy...the SAME DAC, ESS's Saber32, that other hi-end DACs costing 2 to 4 times the price of the entire Oppo discplayer.

But don't believe me or other owners, read all the reviews.
One respected opinion in the community:

I have the 95; it's a steal at full asking price. Would upgrade to the 105 in a heartbeat if I hadn't just bought the 95.
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I'm using the stock 105 for audio. I think it's an incredible value given the price and performance. As a transport, its better than Bel Canto CD-2 it replaced. I also use it as a pre-amp. It does a fine job in that capacity as well. Oppo just added DSD support with a beta firmware release. Cost - $0. As far as upgrades are concerned (Modwright or others), you will probably lose 75% of the value. If your decision criteria is only about ROI, don't bother.