Is the PS Audio PerfectWave P10 Power Plant worth it?

I'm interested in learning and hearing about your experiences with a power regenerator like the P10.  The science behind a pure sine wave AC power supply makes sense to me.  Can you guys share your experiences?  The audio quality in my house varies a lot depending on all kinds of different factors.  I'm trying to figure out if a power regenerator is the way to go to get consistent performance.  Thx
If you are going to regenerate you should get one that can handle your whole system 
The PS Audio unit is fine, but not worth it as you can buy a used Topaz for a LOT less.

Either is the real way to deal with noise on the AC line - not a magic cable.  Assuming that your equipment itself cannot deal with noise on the AC line... and that you don't have other sources of noise that are real cause of your problems...
If you are going to regenerate you should get one that can handle your whole system
That's obviously not possible with a large system, where each amplifier may require its own 20A line. Also, many users find it's best to keep digital gear on a separate, dedicated circuit with its own AC conditioner.
When the funds are available, go for the P5 or P10.  Earlier generations of the PS Audio regenerators were infantile compared to the newest units.  Not faulting the PS folks as they were aiming to revolutionize the way power is delivered to our audio systems.  The early units were too inefficient and served as space heaters, only able to provide regenerated power to the front end components.

The Premier Power Plant solved, in large part, the efficiency issue and ran much cooler.  It's issue was questionable Chinese build quality, as these units were notoriously unreliable.

The P5 and P10 both employ much more sophisticated circuitry and are hand assembled in Boulder where quality control is vastly improved.  Even though the PPP was supposed to be able to handle my power amp., when I tried it, the regenerator shut down and I had to get a new unit.  

I was assured by PS tech. support that the P5 would easily handle my entire 2 channel system and so it does!  With SACD player and its  outboard power supply, line stage, phono preamp and outboard supply and power amp all feeding off the P5, I am only using 35% of the unit's capacity! 

The biggest rub against regenerators was that if you ran your power amp. off of one, your system would suffer dynamically.  Not so any more.  After A/Bing my amp being fed by a Duet conditioner and the P5 regenerator, the regenerated power allows for greater dynamic swing and more impactful bass response.