Is the PS Audio PerfectWave P10 Power Plant worth it?

I'm interested in learning and hearing about your experiences with a power regenerator like the P10.  The science behind a pure sine wave AC power supply makes sense to me.  Can you guys share your experiences?  The audio quality in my house varies a lot depending on all kinds of different factors.  I'm trying to figure out if a power regenerator is the way to go to get consistent performance.  Thx
I’m using a P10 with 2 x 600W Monoblocks (McIntosh MC601), tube pre-amp (McIntosh C2500), DAC (Matrix Sabre-X Pro) and Record Player (Rega RP8). The Sub is not plugged into the P10

I can open up the pre-amp to about 78% before the P10 hits it’s limits at 1200 VAmps (Watts) and auto shuts-down. That’s good thing for me to save my speakers (B&W 802D2) and the neighbors!

Upgrading from a Monster Power HTS 5100 to the P10 made a noticeable difference. In laymen terms, the sound stage is better and the sound is cleaner. Was the upgrade worth $4.5K? Nope!

Note my input voltage fluctuates from 111V to 124V, has about 5% THD and the incoming wave looks really bad. Totally clipped.

The other thing of note is that the software features (PowerPlay) on the P10 are pretty cool. The website written in PHP is archaic and did not work till i put the P10 in the DMZ even-though PS Audio swear the product only uses Port 80 (regular HTTP web traffic). Not sure why they havent spend the $40K to write an App to do the same thing and get rid of the website.
Was the upgrade worth $4.5K? Nope!
Thanks for your honesty, Sangpeiris. We tend to exaggerate or even outright lie about the supposed benefits we get from new gear we just bought, regardless of whether or not it delivers a little more than a makers badge on the face plate. In some environments it does, in others it doesnt. Looks like in yours it improves the sound somewhat, but you probably think that for the degree of benefits it introduced, you might have been wiser to invest the $4.5K more productively.
I am correct here? Also, which P10 do you have? DirectStream or PerfectWave?

"cleeds" says it right:

" ..... Also, many users find it's best to keep digital gear on a separate, dedicated circuit with its own AC conditioner."

Without question, keep separate; perhaps AC Re-gen (for source/digital) and Balanced/Symmetrical AC power supply (i.e. Equi=tech) for analog and/or high-power components.

Hi every one
Did any body compare between P10 with Nordost QX2 system ? i do confuse about which making better sound?
Here is the thing about ANY powerplant, not just the P10. It helps where it can and when it can, but that is all. Lets consider my example. I have a PS Audio P5. It is enough for my equipment. On average it launders 50%-55% of power, the THD in never exceeding 2.5% and THD out (the clean power) never exceeding 0.1%. So, do I need it? Judging by the THD and the scope graph that shows me how much of a clean up is happening, it tells me that if I disconnect it and somehow do a double blind comparison between wall outlet and the P5 I will not be able to tell the difference. Why won't I sell it then? It looks cool, that is all. I even think of getting the P10, but then paying double for doing exactly double of nothing which equals to guess how much? Right, nothing. 
But if your power is exceptionally dirty, it fluctuates by 5V-10V and you have a tube amp, or there are a hundred current hungry devices on your local power line that introduce devastating noises (vacuum machines, drills, hair driers, etc) or your THD in is in the 30% or even higher then you definitely need some power plant or another. How many people actually fall into that category? I'd say 95 out 100 PS Audio power products purchasers dont need them in the least. Me included.