Is the XA25 a realistic option for LRS’s?


Posting this in speakers since the main focus is the Magnepan LRS’s

I’ve seen a handful of reviews of the LRS where they were driven/tested with the Pass XA25….but rarely read about that pairing from actual users.

I’m considering an XA25, not for the LRS per se, but since I have them it would be great if they truly played well together.

(I’m also considering an F7 as opposed to the XA25 but Im pretty sure those won’t pair well with the LRS)

My other speakers are Fritz Carbon 7’s

Despite the huge price differential between the LRS and the XA25, will they make a good combo in a room that’s about 12’x18’x8’?




Great question. I'm curious about the LRS. I have an XA25. I love that amp. One month after I purchased it from Reno hifi, used, I saw it listed used for $400 more. Those things keep their value. If you try it, you won't have a hard time re-selling it.

I’ll never have speakers bigger than the LRS’s.

Are you able to pull them at least 5 feet into the room? 5 or 6 feet is near optimum. 


as I mentioned earlier they are in a diagonal placement in my room … so coming out of the corner and my listening position (couch) is at the opposite corner.

I believe this placement is doing a lot for the image, depth and bass.

The outer sides - i.e., the far left side of the left speaker and far right side of the right speaker are 4 feet from the wall…the inner sides are 5 feet from the walls behind them.

Hard to describe

Heres a link to a photo of the room looking in from one of the two aforementioned big wall openings.

you may need to copy and paste it

Also, for what it’s worth , tweeters are on the outside , not a lot of toe-in and the speakers are on Magnarisers



Well I just finished a 5 hour listening session with my newly acquired LSA+ speakers driven by my Pass XA-25.

Room has a volume of 15x17x8.5' and well treated. Amp was driven by my Aric Audio tube pre set to a gain of 16-18 dB. The XA-25 has gain of 20dB. Volume level peaks below 95dB. Amp never sounded strained. I could put my hands on the amps heat sinks and hold them there. 

Sound was wonderful. Loving these speakers. Being new to them I can't say if I am getting the best from them. Might try a class A/B amp having greater power into into a 4ohm load.