Is the XA25 a realistic option for LRS’s?


Posting this in speakers since the main focus is the Magnepan LRS’s

I’ve seen a handful of reviews of the LRS where they were driven/tested with the Pass XA25….but rarely read about that pairing from actual users.

I’m considering an XA25, not for the LRS per se, but since I have them it would be great if they truly played well together.

(I’m also considering an F7 as opposed to the XA25 but Im pretty sure those won’t pair well with the LRS)

My other speakers are Fritz Carbon 7’s

Despite the huge price differential between the LRS and the XA25, will they make a good combo in a room that’s about 12’x18’x8’?




I just received a pair of LRS+ last week and my Pass XA30.5 has absolutely no problem driving them. I listen at mostly low to moderate levels but I have cranked them without issue. Sound so sweet, I am impressed with the little Maggies.   

I remember the time (60s-70s) when many advise that 50% should be allocated to speakers when considering budget.  Boy do use of Maggies turn that around!

I am at 5x amplifier to speakers let alone the preamp cost.


that’s great news and the info I was hoping to hear when I started this thread.

I don’t have the XA25 yet but plan to pick one up in the coming months.

My room is the same size as yours and my plan is to use the XA25 with my LRS’s as well as the Fritz speakers.

My preamp has a bit more gain (20db) and I typically listen with volume well below 85db peaks and avg around 72db so I think this all will play nicely.

Do you plan to keep this pairing going forward?

@j_andrews  Please keep in mind that I have only played the speaker/amp combo 1 day. I do love the results so far and will keep you informed of further thoughts.  Also can vouch for the XA25/Fritz combo. Also provides great sonics and Fritz speaker makes for an easy drive for this amp.