Is there a 300B type amp out there with some WATTS behind it?

I recently acquired a Feliks Audio Arioso 300B amp.  To put it simply, it is incredible.  I understand one way to tackle the issue of using SET amps is with high sensitivity speakers.  Is there a 300B or something that gives you that same sound out there with power so you have more speaker options?


Thanks for the reflection on your Feliks 300B! What speakers do you have it paired with? Some 300B amps are designed as parallel SET making about 15W using 4 300B tubes to create a bit more drive.  There are other SET designs like the LM805ia which use 300B tubes as drivers (805's for power stage) and produces 48W that may accomplish what you're asking about.

Is there a 300B or something that gives you that same sound out there with power so you have more speaker options?

In a strict sense no. Each tube type has their own distinctive sonic character. Can you find other satisfying alternatives? Yes. As mentioned above, an 805 output tube, there’s 845, 211, GM 70 , 6c33c etc. These all can be utilized for higher power SET amplifier.

All are quite capable of exquisite sound quality with good design and excellent implementation. I understand your happiness. The 300b is marvelous in proper circumstances. There are 300b push-pull amplifiers alternatives also.



There is a particular amount of power any given tube type can deliver.  If you push a tube harder to deliver more power, you compromise other aspects of performance, particularly the life of the tube.  Tube life can be dramatically longer if a tube is run conservatively but so few companies do so these days because they want to claim a high output.  
Every design choice has advantages and shortcomings.  Parallel SETs mean doubling output tubes, which means, a high expense when 300b’s are the tube type, and they can be quite hard on the tubes; there is a tendency for one tube in a parallel pair to quickly become weak while the other does the bulk of the work. Pushpull 300b amps will deliver much more power and will typically have a tighter, punchier sound than a SET amp, but the sound is different, and if you seek the SET sound, you have to accept lower output.

While not exactly the same sound as a 300b SET, there are some higher powered tube types, like 845s and 211, that sound quite good.  But, decent designs with these types of tubes can be expensive because the higher voltages involved.