Is there a ceiling limit on what you are willing to pay for an audio component?

A very informative fellow on youtube reviews high end audio gear. He pays an insane amount of money on ampifiers, speakers and digital sources. He tells you what he thinks about quality, price, customer service and performance on such brands as Magico, Boulder, Wilson Audio and many others.

So here is the question. What are YOU willing to pay for a pair of speakers? An amplifier? A DAC or turntable setup? I am interested in what you WOULD PAY, not what you have paid in the past.

For me, I cannot see myself paying over $5K on speakers and likely not more that $3K on any other component.... even if I had the kind of money Elon Musk has. Am I crazy in saying that?



It is all relative to means.  If I had Elon Musk bank account, I would at least audition stratospherically priced stuff to see if it is worth it, and I suspect I will find some worth keeping.  Because I don’t have his account, my main system runs about $35K, with a few grand more in other systems in the home.  I could spend more but for me it is the price performance sweet spot.

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I cannot see myself ever paying more than $500/ £500 on an amp or CD player. I have done in the past but I'm no longer convinced it was money well spent.

On the other hand I used to think that $5k would be my limit for speakers but I'm no longer sure about that either.

All of those I've seen under £5k seem to have one form of serious compromise or another.

I'm now beginning to think that $10k would be my limit for a pair of minimum compromise loudspeakers.

From very early on in my audio journey I grew to dislike small, minuscule upgrades. All of that time and trouble were just not worth it.

Besides, I never got much long term satisfaction from those kinds of upgrades. It was often a case of some plusses but also some minuses which kind of ruined it a little.

A true upgrade should simply be sonically better in every way.


You seem like a humble, curious person, that’s a valuable combination. There is a lot to learn from others, both the good and the bad, and I applaud your effort.

Best of luck with your audio goals!