Is there a Degritter Mk 2 coming

I read rumors of a mk 2 Degritter priced at $ 900. Hard to believe.

Does any one know about a Mk 2 version


Posted on stereo after a prototype was seen in Munich. But they clearly got the price wrong

Hi Degritter friends,

In our previous newsletter we revealed a bit of information on our plans with the concept machine that was showcased in the Munich HIGH END show. Since then we have received inquiries as to what the machine will be and we would like to share more regarding this. In parallel, we are also improving our support for the existing Degritter model and and there’s an upcoming software update.

The reference model

The concept machine will become a new addition in the Degritter line up and it will become our reference model. The exact features and visuals will be released in the Fall this year and the timeline is following:

  • May 2022 - concept of the reference model displayed.
  • Fall 2022 - the reference model will have exact specifications and visuals set.
  • May 2023 - the reference model will be on sale.

We are currently evolving the concept of the machine into a final prototype that will be the basis for the production. Unfortunately, the production set up will take longer than we initially estimated as a lot of the manufacturing and logistical pipelines in the world are still in disarray. 

The retail price for the reference model will be 7000 USD and there will be a trade-up program available for the current Degritter owners. Our goal with the premium reference model is to see what improvements are possible in the realm of record cleaning and with an even smaller scale production than the regular Degritter machines, this pushes up the price.

Degritter Troubleshooting Guide & upcoming software update

The Degritter machines currently on sale will continue to be our main focus. In order to offer better support, we have released a new Troubleshooting Guide on our website. There is also a new user manual in the works.

At the end of August, we will release a new software version for the Degritter machines. In addition to smaller bug fixes the goal is to improve the “Clean Filter” reminder and to also provide better software support for dual water tank operation when one water tank is used for washing and the second tank is used for rinsing.

Enjoy your summer vacations and stay tuned for more news coming soon!

"The retail price for the reference model will be 7000 USD"

Definitely a "reference" price.