Is there a good quality speaker switch out there?


I have an ASL AQ1003DT (EL-34) integrated stereo that right now I have running to two pairs of Mission speakers--one in the kitchen, and one in the library. I'd like to be able to select one pair at a time and both together if possible. Is there a quality speaker switch out there that can handle this without degrading the tone significantly? If you look at my equipment you might notice I am into tube stereo, but I don't have a very expensive system, so I would prefer the best bang for the buck option unless the better or best thing is not audiophile priced.

Thanks for your help
I've been happy with Niles which I use in two systems.

Many variations, mine is labeled high definition without volume controls.

There are also impedance matching wall mounted volume controls which might fit your needs.
I believe Bryston makes one, which is probably the best you are going to get. But I do think that introducing a switch in the chain with additional binding posts will degrade the signal in any case. You might consider something like Niles volume control to connect between the ASL and the speakers in the Kitchen.. that way you would still have unaffected sound in the Library... and would be able to turn it all the way down in the kitchen...