Is there a perfect speaker?

A philosophical question but one I am currently facing. I have three setups and they all do something (but definitely not everything) perfectly. Try as I might, I can't be happy with one setup because my other setups have some superior characteristics. There seems to be a drive in audio to monogamy but I love more than one. Help.

My speakers (all monitors) are in the $3k range / amps $2k range. Is there some sort of monogamous nirvana out there or is it just more searching?
Mate - regardless of what you spend there is no perfect speaker.

Even if you spend a lot more than you are spending you will find the speaker art slowly but surely keeps progressing.

I thought my speakers were the bees knees and better than any other speaker I had heard. Then I visited the factory of the guy that made them and heard a speaker that blew it away. And he has some even wilder speakers in the pipeline and I have ordered those. I doubt even that will be the end - he, and other manufacturers, will make even better ones.

The problem is once you hear something better other stuff sounds rather ordinary which is a real bugger.

What to do about it? Keep listening to speakers and upgrade as finances permit - that's pretty much all you can really do.

A perfect speaker is the one with zero harmonic distortion, ruler flat frequency response from 0Hz to 100KHz (some may argue it needs to go even higher), zero phase shift, 360 degree uniform dispersion, unlimited dynamic range, 100% linearity and 100% efficiency.

At the current state of technology, no speaker even come remotely close to any of these properties and I doubt I will see one in my lifetime.
In order to find the Perfect speaker , one must have the Perfect listening room , and 100% pure AC inlet power. Good luck.