Is there a perfect speaker?

A philosophical question but one I am currently facing. I have three setups and they all do something (but definitely not everything) perfectly. Try as I might, I can't be happy with one setup because my other setups have some superior characteristics. There seems to be a drive in audio to monogamy but I love more than one. Help.

My speakers (all monitors) are in the $3k range / amps $2k range. Is there some sort of monogamous nirvana out there or is it just more searching?
"Perfect" is a concept not a reality so no, there is no perfect speaker.
I would not say the Magico Q-7 is perfect. I heard it at CES and it wasn't even close to the best sound at the show.
@ Tom6897, very true. Those who prefer Bose don't know how lucky they are for they have saved a lot of money.
As much as I appreciate all the great comments that have been posted on this thread I do not want to be the thread starter that does not contribute so here's my opinion. The thing about this hobby that totally captivates me is when a certain type of music is played On certain speakers and there is a fundamental rightness about it. The problem for me is that on some speakers jazz is so beautiful that tears come to my eyes but when I'm in the mood for some hip-hop those same speakers make me want to die. This is why I currently have three systems. I guess it's not really a problem but I was philosophically yearning for an answer to the question of "is there a universally perfect speaker?"

Salvador Dali said, "do not fear perfection because you will never attain it anyway." I guess I'll have to keep that in mind as I switch between speakers as I switch between songs.