Is there a Solid State amp that can satisfy a SET guy?

Have been a SET guy for so long I have forgotten what a good SS amp even sounds like.
Just bought a pair of $33k speakers that will replace my current $16k speakers. Both are from the same designer and both are 92db and a flat 8 ohms. The new ones arrive in 4 days!
My 300B based amps well drive my current speakers even though I do use the system nightly as a 2 channel home theater. Especially considering the HT usage, I think I may enjoy a SS amp with many times the horsepower. The speaker designer suggests using a Leema Hydra II. I have written to Leema telling them of my 300B preference and they assure me that their amp does not have the destructive harmonics that make a SS amp bright. There must be other SS amps that can satisfy?
Hi mglik

If you have a Pass Labs dealer near you and after your new speakers are fully broken in, see if you can try (in your own system) an XA30.8. Their class a/b amps are very good but their class a amps are where their magic is. This amp has surprising drive capabilities but more importantly always sounds great.  It is extremely musical. This amp sounds like a good tube amp in the midrange but also gives you all the benefits of a solid state amp such as extended, controlled bass with plenty of slam. The high frequencies are both extended and smooth as well. Their reliability is legendary. I’m currently (no pun intended) enjoying it and my speakers are 83db efficient, don’t let the 30 watt rating fool you. I’ve had mine for over five years and have used it with several different types of speaker (both planar magnetic & dynamic box speakers) and it always sounds great. Good luck.

Many speak highly of Nelson’s work. Whitecamaros seems to prefer the 250.8 above all. I surely have heard of the prowess of the 30.8.
I have a First Watt M2 which sounds quite SS. Ralph has developed a Class D amp which he says is very similar sounding to his OTLs.
I hope to eventually get to test a prototype.
The Bakoon does not sound like tubes but it recreates pace and structure in a way that holds music together in an unusual and addictive manner. And it produces detail that other amps, tube or SS blur. But ultimately, the Atmas produce a tone that is just natural and beyond any I have heard.
Any chance we can get an update on this thread? Curious how things/where things have ended up...
Well it’s been several months. Last time around I was touting the virtues of the First Watt SIT-3. I still do. It’s one of the most satisfying, listenable amps I’ve ever heard. 
Since then, I was able to audition the AGD Audion monoblocks in my system. Game changer. I would imagine that these could satisfy SET-loving listeners out there. Not everyone of course but it’s the closest I’ve come thus far and ended building a system around them. These are beautiful sounding amps…Perhaps other AGD users might chime in as well…
I believe the OP has the AGD Audion's now. I also own the AGD Audion's fantastic amps and i was a SET guy.