Is There a Speaker for Me/Impossible Requirements? (budget: $2000)

Well, I just lost a very long and detailed post. Here’s my second shot:
After years in headphone purgatory I’m finally dipping a toe into ’real’ hifi. Turns out, its not as straightforward as I expected.
My equipment: 320-lossless files into a Moon i-5 in a 9 1/2 x 11 1/2’ room with 7’4" ceilings and a large rug. No issues or concerns regarding acoustics nor any interest in treating. Listen at 60-90 db for 3-8 hours a day- music is all over the map but a strong preference for neo-classical/ambient (Olafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm, Jonsi and Alex, etc), baroque/solo piano, fingerstyle guitar, and ’indie’ (whatever that means nowadays).

After reading a whole lot I purchased the following speakers based on my headphone preferences (HD650):
Wharfedale Denton 80th Anniv: VERY forward, VERY mid-centric, and not at all for me. They seem to have the veil people associate with the Senns, though I’ve never experienced it myself.
Spendor S3/5: These are much more interesting. Imaging is amazing- they do seem to disappear completely on certain tracks. However, the sound is rather unexciting. Perhaps this is closer to neutral but I find the speakers end up falling into the background and don’t really pull me in to the music. Tonally, the 3/5 seems very coherent though the lack of visceral bass is quite evident.
Spendor SP-1: The best of the bunch to my ears. The imaging is maybe a little behind the 3/5 but the sound seems much more balanced with more bass presence. On some songs they sound a bit U-shaped (maybe a little ’thin’ vs the ’non-present’ 3/5) and not quite as unified (lack of mids?) as the other Spendor.

My hope is to find a speaker I can keep for a long time that fits my listening space and music preferences. Given my experience where would you head from here:
A) Keep the SP-1s and spend more time placing them within my space/experimenting with stands and/or upstream gear?
B) Get a sub for the S3/5 and compare against the SP-1 again?
C) Try for another speaker altogether? If so, my max budget would be $2000 with a preference for value. I do have a pair of Meadowlark Kestrels on their way to me, but I haven’t heard them yet. Harbeth, Totem, ProAc, Vandersteen, Ohm, and Revel all sound interesting to me.
Grateful for any thoughts,
Harbeth P3 good but think you will
relish a larger cabinet more if
you can get one as no matter
the driver - a bigger cabinet just needs to work less and portrays a sense of scale much better.
and this is from me - just upsizing from a Harbeth 30.1 to a Tannoy Arden 
Falcon Acoustics RAM Studio 10 or Studio 20 (full disclosure I own a pair of the Studio 10’s).
Non-fatiguing with excellent imaging and great bass performance for their size. A bit of a sleeper right now as their NA distributor recently changed to MoFi and they are currently focusing on Falcon’s LS3/5A reissue, also a loudspeaker to consider. Hope this helps.
Check out ADS Speakers Although they are not built anymore you can find a nice used Pair.
For the size of your Room a pair of L710 or L780. Both are 3 way.
Upgrade the source. As far as I know 320 kbps is not lossless. Try some flac or wav files!😎
@arcam88 Certainly correct, but I think he meant "from 320 to lossless." Could be wrong, obviously. On topic: I heard the Harbeth 3 for the first time the other day at The Listening Room in Maryland (amazing store with one of the great owners in the biz) — and it's pretty damn great, if you can live without the bass or can augment with a sub. The imaging is what you'd expect, and theyy play WAY louder than you'd think possible from such a small box. Scansonic 2.5 would also fit the bill at used prices ($3500 new). They're not the last word in bass, but the ribbon tweeter is killer and they are perhaps the best-imaging speakers I've ever heard — they're forward without being aggressive at all. In full disclosure that's a little self-serving, as I have a pair I'm thinking about parting with to move up in the line, but there it is.