Is there a such too much power for speakers?

How do I know the amp I’m looking to buy is beautifully enough power for my speakers?
what will happen when the power amp is (way) over or too much power for the speakers?
My Local dealer quoted, “there aren’t limits on power amp, (but my budget that is). The more, the better, they added”
Their suggested highest amplifications are in $75k range (my speakers are in $20k range)
Please help.
@nasaman ,
One of the underlying benefits of having an 'excess' of power is that the amp will not be coming anywhere close to its maximum power output.
When operating in its comfort zone, an amp will have lower distortion, and sound 'better'.
A very simplistic description. Hey, I'm not Almarg.
fundsgone62 - Sonus Faber Cremonas are hard speakers to drive. I agree they require a lot of power (actually a lot of current) to drive them due to their phase angle at low frequencies. I tried multiple amps on them and ended up with Mark Levinson 432 with 400 watts per channel. However, other speakers can be much easier to drive. It depends so much on the design of the speakers.

You are more likely to damage speakers with an underpowered amp than an overpowered amp.

And yes: lose that dealer.

totally agree with you, and I think gdnrbob describes the reason for lots of power well, for us  non-techies.