Is there a such too much power for speakers?

How do I know the amp I’m looking to buy is beautifully enough power for my speakers?
what will happen when the power amp is (way) over or too much power for the speakers?
My Local dealer quoted, “there aren’t limits on power amp, (but my budget that is). The more, the better, they added”
Their suggested highest amplifications are in $75k range (my speakers are in $20k range)
Please help.
@fundsgon My speakers aren’t too hard to drive, SF Elipsa SE. currently mating with VTL tube amp ST-150, 120wpc. Since I’m now in a bigger room 15’x20’, I need more powerful amp.Bea Lam from VTL suggested between MB-450 (425wpc, $25k) and S-400 (300wpc, $25k)My Local stealership suggested me the more powerful, more expensive, the better which is their flag ship mono block Siegfried (650wpc, $75k).. I knew something wasn’t right. First I don’t have $75k. Second, I ain’t paying $75k 
 Side note: I’ve been eyeing on The next model up from mine, the S-200 (200wpc, $12k) very nice unit but they tend to skip it for the higher ones. 
Any VTL owners want to chime in?
Greatly appreciate 
  More power isn’t better. Better quality design and build is better. My Kyocera MOSFET from the 1980’s is rated at 50 watts/channel, with 125 watts/channel on demand. It will push my speakers well beyond the pain threshold with no distortion. Sorry, but I think most of the stuff they make today is overrated junk. Invest in some good vintage gear.
Not sure about the SE, but the Elipsas have a somewhat demanding low end. They drop to 2.5 ohms around 100 Hz and have a large phase angle around 70 Hz according to the Stereophile review. So, even though they are rated at 91 dB, they may need an amp with significant current to deal with the low end. The SE has a new crossover, so it may have quite different measurements.

I doubt you would hear much difference between 400 watts ad 650 watts, although design differences can also cause different sounds.

I would ask you dealer for some loaners. At those prices, I would definitely want to listen to the options.
The rating of Watts can sometimes be misleading. A Krell monoblock may be rated at 100 watts -a cheap amplifier might also be rated at 100 watts. The distance between them may be huge in sound levels. Try to arrange listening sessions with loaned equipment in your own home. If you are spending a large sum of money it needs to suit your environment.

So a square wave will shorten a transducers life faster than any mega watt amp will. You just have to know your listening habits ( loudness ) and when your amp begins to clip that out going signal. Square wave formation is essentially DC. And DC IS DEATTH for a speaker.