Is There An "Absolute" Best Cartridge?

Dear friends: We can read through different threads/posts in this forum that people always want/ask to know for the " best " " audio item " that IMHO and till today does not exist in " absolute " meaning.
Well I already have and I'm " living " a unique experience that makes me to share with all of you what IMHO could be in Absolute terms " the best cartridge ever ".

Please read this Technics EPC-P100C-MK4 information that could help you for you can share with us your experiences/thoughts on the subject of this thread:

Thank you in advance.
Regards and enjoy the music,
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Thank you Raul for a superb review.

Although English is not your first language, the time and effort you have devoted to describing in minute detail the attributes of this incredible cartridge have paid dividends in communicating to the readers, every nuance you are hearing.

I too am awaiting a renaissance in the MM/MI cartridge making skills which the industry obviously once possessed.

Thank you again for initiating this 'crusade' for without you, many of us would probably not have had the 'guts' to revert back to our old MM 'friends'.

Kind Regards
Could it be that Keep it simple is indeed correct. Less preamplification on the MM's could be a reason for this thinking. However we've been down this road have we not?
LOMC are always superior (in long term listening) to MM/MI when the arm that is used has an "indexed" micrometer head height adjustment and the operator knows how to "fine" tune the arm.
Here we go again, another of Rauls posts where HE ALLREADY KNOWS THE ANSWER. He has thankfully told us early on, so we can all leave now... because, our opinions do not matter!

The only thing we can hope for is that he designs a world beating cartridge himself. Then we can hear about that for another 500 self absorbed, chest beating posts. Where there is no alternative to Rauls absolute.

"Are there serious contenders to the Technics cartridge?, not really: I like a lot Allaerts Formula One, Goldbug Ms. Brier, Audio Technica ATML 180-OCC, Azden YM-P50LV, Ortofon A-90, Lyra Olympos, Sonus Dimension 5, Van denHul Colibri, Dynavector XV-1s , Grado Amber The Tribute, Coralstone, Signet TK10 ML-Mk3 or Grado RS II ( I don't heard/hear yet the XV-1t. ) but IMHO no one of them ( unfortunately ) share the Technics cartridge performance new level characteristics.,"
Regards and enjoy the music,

If the first 100db suck, why continue?
I'm all the more inclined to accept Raul's discernment of Technics in view of his long restraint in crowning a winner through some 1800 posts to his MM/MI thread. Of course one must judge these things for oneself. It is therefore unfortunate that few will be able to acquire and compare Technics. IMO the only controversial point is whether it is worth writing a painstaking & thoughtful review of a collectible classic rather than a current product. However to this point, many other top NOS MM/MI cartridges are still available for those who trouble to seek them out at a fraction of the cost of a top MC. Raul, thanks for your archeological dig of analog history! To the majority who will never cross this psychological devide, spend money to express yourself!

Raul, a point you make that I particularly grasp is that after all their virtues are considered, most MM/MI remain challenged (relative to MC) to produce realistic tonality and delineation of deep LF. Of my samples top Azden does the least harm in this area. If Technics equals Azden in other respects while surpassing it in LF repro then it must be great.