Is There An "Absolute" Best Cartridge?

Dear friends: We can read through different threads/posts in this forum that people always want/ask to know for the " best " " audio item " that IMHO and till today does not exist in " absolute " meaning.
Well I already have and I'm " living " a unique experience that makes me to share with all of you what IMHO could be in Absolute terms " the best cartridge ever ".

Please read this Technics EPC-P100C-MK4 information that could help you for you can share with us your experiences/thoughts on the subject of this thread:

Thank you in advance.
Regards and enjoy the music,
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Lew buddy

I'll swap you my Technics EPC-P100C MK4 for the current cartridge of the month - Acutex 315III STR :-)

Perhaps we can get a MM swap club going as it seems that not many of us keep any one cartridge on our tables for any long term listening/evaluation.

Its no wonder every new cartridge sounds better than the last, and even if it doesn't after a few hours, one would never know if it got better as we have moved on to the next.

this way we can all get our short term fixes :-)
Raul and Timeltel, I distinctly recall a stash of the 412STR and 315STR cartridges going begging with a low BIN price on that auction site, about 18-24 months ago. At the time I came close to getting one of each but alas did not.

A M315III-STR stylus is now on the way, though.

I agree with your implication that rapid evaluations are fruitless, DU. I take at least a month or two with each cartridge. That's why so far I have only gone thru the Azden and the Ortofon. I completely agree, at least for me, that snap judgements are worthless where novel audio gear is concerned. Moreover, I advocate going back and forth between the new and the familiar (i.e., an A-B-A comparison instead of an A-B comparison), because it has been proven that the brain is biased in favor of the new or novel sensory experience vs the old or familiar one. One of the virtues of having a couple of turntables is that one can keep a familiar cartridge up and running whilst listening also to new ones. Right now I am actually tired of auditioning the Azden but I am reluctant to go away from it until I have figured out what I think of it. I still have not got a bead on it, except to say it is good but certainly not perfect. And I am not ready to say it is categorically better than the Ortofon.
Dear Lewm: Fruitless?, IMHO the long/short time cartridge test is only different people capacity with different training and maybe different needs/targets and certainly not fruitless if you have the characteristics I'm talking about.
Anyway that fruitless that you are refering till today give over 2.1K posts on " that " thread where at least my posts were " fruitless " cartridge test but almost all the people that try those short time test recomendations agree with the cartridge performance when they test in their different audio systems.

Btw, your two months by cartridge that works so well for you just can't works for me: 100+ cartridges needs more than 17 years following your method ( that I'm not against it or argue against it. ) and that's with out returning to comparisons with cartridges already tested, if not then you could need around 20 years!!!!!

Different/same targets different ways to achieve it.

Regards and enjoy the music,