Is there any 50W 300B SET monoblock out there?

Why can't manufacturer build a more powerful 300B SET monoblock?
09-03-14: Charles1dad
What I don't know is this, SET vs push pull circuits, is one inherently "tougher" on tubes than the other? Or is there a wide spectrum in terms of stress/demand with either topology that's the overriding factor?
As you realize, Charles, there are obviously a great many design dependent variables involved. But I suppose that there is probably a loose/partial correlation between SET and greater stress on tubes, due to the fact that SET designs (or at least conventional SET designs) of necessity operate with Class A bias (thereby consuming lots of power at all times, relative to the power capability of the amp), while of course many push-pull tube designs are Class AB.

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You cited your VAC 70/70 amp as an example of a near max operating point design using the 300b in push pull. My amp's builder purposely chose conservative OP parameters for long tube life and sound quality despite it being pure class A bias. So it just makes me wonder which approach puts the tube under more stress in daily use.Just curious about these things.
Noted Charles. Thanks.

F1a, Sounds like a real engineer otherwise, Roger will be busy marketing his product like any other businessman.
Hi Charles,

As a further point of info about the VAC Renaissance amps, all of them are described in their respective manuals as being Class A.

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Larryi said:
In short, avoid the trap of only looking at certain tube types and topologies.
You are in good company. It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said "consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds." It's kind of like buying from specs. All designs require tradeoffs. If the designer makes the type of tradeoffs that align w your aural priorities and implements the design well, you'll probably like it. If not, it does not matter which tube or which circuit type he or she uses. Of course, the amps operating parameters must match up well w your speakers.