Is there any streamer/integrated competitor to NAD C-388 w/BluOS2i MDC?

With the BluOS2i MDC module, the C-388 essentially becomes a very high-power Bluesound PowerNode2i with 4 (A-B switchable) speaker outs. Besides NAD’s other streamer/integrated (M32, that doesn’t have A-B capability), is there any other brand offering the all-in-one features of C-388?
There's the new NAD M33 with Purifi. No idea if it's better or even for sale yet. It also will have Dirac.
Thanks! M33 has a much nicer display/touchscreen than M32 and C388.
Looks like they removed the digital output of M32 - bummer, because with that you can use the M32 as a streamer/preamp, and run it through a separate DAC to external amp (or in my case miniDSP4x10 to D70 to ATI amp). But, M33 does have separate 2x sub-outs plus line-outs, that's nice.

I am also looking for an alternative to NAD since it seems none of their integrated amps support DSD natively and that's important to me. Hegel H390 is great, but it is a much higher price option, and I also don't need as much amplifier power as the H390. The lower models, the H90, 190, etc. don't appear to have the same DAC (also no native DSD support on the lower models). I really like the Naim Uniti Atom, but here the amplifier is too weak. There are a few others but at much higher price points. So I am still searching for a good option. Hope others can suggest alternatives. 

John H. Darko in his article "15 ‘must-hear’ super-integrated amplifiers" has listed a few other options. 
Gold Note looks to be a fine unit - missing critical system requirements for my purposes; 2ohm-stable, AmazonUHD, Alexa, etc.

Maybe it fits rfarassat's needs with its DSD64 capability.