Is there anything other than a Benchmark DAC?

I own the Benchmark DAC3 and love it.  I am looking for another DAC due to the addition of a  second system. It will either go with a Boulder/Audio Research/(B&W or Vandersteen) system or a McIntosh/Bryston/(B&W or Vandersteen) system. I am looking to try to get something under 3k (maybe 4k) used. I've been looking for a month or so and have seen Bryston (DAC3 wanna be), Primaluna (too much distortion) and a bunch of really old stuff.  I have yet to justify any purchase when a DAC3 is sitting there new around 2k with those untouchable distortion numbers. I would love to try a tube DAC tho another solid state DAC would be fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Given my DAC3 bias I would love to hear from  those whose bias differs from mine.

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I went from DAC 3 HGC to Bricasti M3. Didn’t miss the Benchmark at all. 

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There’s a lot of music to be experienced when one looks beyond distortion numbers. 



I think for the most part I want to find something with a different sound. 

That doesn’t narrow it down or help much.  Here’s a Denafrips Terminator 2 in your price range…

Thx all. looks like quite a few good choices. I am going to enjoy looking in to all of them. I will let you know what I pick and what I think of it after some listening.