Is There Just One Single Album That Does It For You, Completely? Just One.

If you somehow got stuck in a situation (lol) and had to spend the rest of your life completely by yourself, all alone, on a desert island ... and, as part of your situation you only got to choose one album to spend the entire rest of your life with.

Let’s say, some weird circumstance, and you also had at your complete disposal the system of your dreams, that you had assembled thru the years. And thank goodness you were a prepper and you thought ahead to install a solar power system, so power would never be a problem either.

Kind of like Tom Hanks on that island, except instead of a just a soccer ball, you had your dream stereo setup and one album only.

One album and that’s it. Got to pick one. Not necesssarily your all time favorite album, just one you could live with for the rest of your life.

Is there any album that just completely does it for ya, on that level?

I’ll kick things off by sharing mine: Steely Dan, Aja



Older Me:  Brothers in Arms, which sounds awesome on higher end equipment.

Younger Me:  Siamese Dream


And why the need to virtue posture?

I think these sorts of questions are unanswerable clickbait

You are new here. You will learn soon enough. 

@unreceivedogma i’m hardly new here. I’ve been around for nearly 15 years, but don’t feel a need to comment on every thread; I try to reserve comments for discussions in which I have something appropriate or useful to say. It’s a shame you see that attitude as virtue signaling. Dismissing someone’s comments on the grounds that they are newbies is an unfortunate and counterproductive conversational tactic. Perhaps a slightly less caustic and cynical point of view would improve the value of your comments. Breath deeply before you speak.

The question of the OP has a meaning ...

Because this question has a meaning it is possible to ask it without being accused to be an alleged victim of a "clickbait" ... We are grown men able to decide to be victims of cigarette, drinking or audio and discuss it without being patronized as irresponsible idiot ....

I already explained how i understand this interesting question , which is not a questions about our taste and favorite album but about what music can be listened as the only music on the hand in an island exiled for life ...

It is a question about  a musical depth content, some inexaustible content which for sure we already know and love ...

For example i think that Mozart Requiem by Hogwood is an absolute masterpiece... I will never pick it as my only musical album for life ...

As i explained i prefer to pick a music with a deep inexaustible content even if it less moving emotionnally than the Mozart requiem ...As Bach art of the fugue  music can be ... Or perhaps all Beethoven quartets  as a compromise between form and emotion ...


I will go with the original set of instructions.

Miles Davis – Kind of Blue

Incidentally, I am really glad not to be faced with that dilemma.