Is there really a need for panel speakers in 2012

Traditional box speakers have become so good nowadays is there really a need for panel speakers in 2012?
I believe your question is a good one. Why not ask it? I have heard arguments for both (pro's and con's). Maggies sound thin and bright to me with little or no bass. I considered getting a pair of 1.7s but heard them and was deeply disappointed. We added two high quality Martin Logan sub-woofers which helped but the combination was no match for my Von Schweikert vr-35s.

The new Von Schweikert vr 100s will change the concept that box cannot match or better panels. Speaker technology is changing.
Maggies miss a bet by not using artwork on their panels. Are they weirdly art-phobic at Magnapan? It's sort of obvious...really...with the option of a large bland hunk of fabric or something visually interesting you might want around...has this been done?
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