Is there really a need for panel speakers in 2012

Traditional box speakers have become so good nowadays is there really a need for panel speakers in 2012?
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I actually wish I had a dedicated room for planars/panels, etc...until then....a conventional, well engineered 2 way(with a sub if u like) reference type monitor works for me...guess I can dream...
There's no need ,just choice.

I've had numerous Quads,ML,s and back to Acoustats again,although this time with the Acoustat tube servo amps,the only way IMHOP.

I've also had numerous cone speakers,from LS3/5A, to Mirage M3si,JBL L65,Meadowlark Heron i, to Tannoy Ardens, Grand Veenas,VR4,and others.

I will not state that what I use now are better than what I have owned in the past, but I will say they give me more pleasure.

But the sound quality now is not what I got when I purchased them.

I had to do some upgrading parts wise to the servo amps and to improving the quality of the power going into the speakers.

I've found that using the upgraded components from Furtech has been money well spent and the replacement parts were well worth the extra cash and effort .

The panels are still the same ones from the 1970's.All I've done to them was to clean them as best I could by hand using Q-tips and some DEoxit, one square at a time.

I have a few friends with the same amp/speaker but with different mods and none of the Furutech replacement parts that I used.

Theirs have sound that I think would convert many a cone man into a panel man.

My more modified Acoustats are another step up in clarity, speed and definition than my friend's since I did the last upgrades.

So while there maybe no need for panels in 2012, I will be using my panels well into the next year and for a few more decades to come.

They have survived for 40 years,and are still able to deliver the goods and reveal upgrades done to them and to the rest of the system.

Panels done right are as relevant today as ever.
But like cones, they aren't all the same.