Is there such a thing as a FOREVER DAC/streamer?

I know I might be talking about rehab in a back alley, but here it goes.

I've been looking to upgrade my Hegel H390's internal DAC. But I would only do it to knock it out of the park; as the Hegel's internal DAC does an admirable job. So the question is, is there such a thing as an end game-forever DAC. At the end of the day, DAC is a digital product. Digital technology evolve quicker than analog technology. 

Will that Lumin X1, Bartok, Dave, etc be obsolete in 3 years? Thus making this a moot conversation...


I would ask is there such a thing as a "forever" satisfied audiophile. I was watching a video on youtube about dacs by Thomas and he used the phrase "good enough". Although some dacs might provide more air, more bass, more this or that he described reaching a point that it doesn't matter because the sound you have now is so satisfying it is good enough. So in that case I say YES, there is a forever DAC and when you find it, just keep it. 

I would say that for those 75 or older, a DAC bought today would likely be FOREVER.  Below that age it will become outdated.


I have always found plateaus that I am really happy with for seven to ten years. Where I have no interest in upgrading… I don’t want to screw up the synergy created between all my components. I read The Absolute Sound and Stereophile… etc. but have no desire to upgrade… just enjoy my system.

Then for no obvious reason I get interested in upgrading one piece… the one I perceive to be the biggest opportunity. I never do less than 2x or 3x investment so it makes a significant difference. But that triggers upgrading many or most components… then interconnects and power cords, then vibration. Then I am happy as a clam for another 7 - 10 years.

Clams are happy? Why is that?


That is purely a subjective question, it depends on user preference.  Spend more you’ll get more.  If one is satisfied with the sonics and/or $ spent then likely they will stop.  
Digital audio, like most technologies, does not stand still.