IS there such an animal?

Has anyone ever made (or still make) a player that plays SACD (doesn't have to be multi channel) AND decodes HDCD? My search so far has been futile.


Most, if not all, Oppo players play SACD as well as HDCD. Just checked, my EVS modified Oppo DV-970HD plays both. A quick check of an old Amazon listing shows that the DVP-103 also list SACD and HDCD as formats that it supports.

Never really got a satisfactory answer the 1st time around. I don't want something with all the video circuits.

I will assume there is no such thing.

@reubent  +1 Oppo players play pretty much ALL formats. Plus, all one has to do is "turn off" video processing and go pure audio only. In other words, video circuits are present but not engaged. 

Good luck, and Happy Listening!

Oppo don’t count? Or somebody else?

I never had one. Couldn't pull the trigger.

I guess I never had enuf reason.