Is there such thing as a music grade ht receiver

I've been listening exclusively to stereo music for quite a few years but the family wants me to resurrect the old surround system. I will do this but am reluctant to give up my current amplifier/speaker setup which is Rogue Audio hybrid amp and Martin Logan Odyssey speakers.

I have an old B&K AVR307 7.1 channel receiver, a JM Lab center and Speakercraft ceiling mounted surrounds. Just to see if the B&K would work for music, I have been listening to it for several days and, although the stereo sound is pretty darned good, I have really become attached to the sound of the Rogue.

I don't want to maintain two separate sets of speaker and amp pairs, which I did before, using the Rogue with Jamo Concert Eights for music and the receiver with the ML's for everything else.

So, the question is, is there a receiver out there that can deliver the best of these two worlds without forcing me into a house mortgage? It would greatly simplify things.
What preamp do you use in your stereo music system?

If your preamp has multiple inputs, you can connect the line output of the two front channels of the B&K to one of the input of your preamp. The center, surrounds, and the sub will be connected to the B&K speaker output. Now you can use the music system to listen to 2-ch music or use it as part of the the HT system.