Is this an ugly speaker? TAS cover 10/2017

I thought the Wilson Audio Alex and Alexandria XLF was ugly, but now this. Not a good WAF.
Your opinion of the Wilson WAMM Master Chronosonic for $685k a pair?
Looks like transformers. They all look similar. Not particularly pretty. And at 685k....really?
I was at a Wilson Audio event in Southern California. The dealer was playing the most expensive Wilson speaker (do not remember the model #). The sound was good but as usual with Wilson’s I thought the sweet spot was too small for my tastes.

I had my wife with me for this demo. The head of Wilson Sales is also there and he and I are having a conversation about something. My wife walks over to me and I introduce her to the WIlson rep. First thing she says to him was, "Why are those speakers so ugly. They look like Darth Vadar". I had to do some quick jokes to get both of us out of that conversation.\

I just clicked on the TAS link. The speaker we saw looked exactly like the model in the TAS article.
If you offer cash you can get these for $682,000. Wilson has that robot esthetic dialed in and I imagine these things sound fine…in the right room of course, and do they have a 30 day return policy? I want to see the look on the face of the audio shop owner when you return these things…"Sorry man, they just aren't up to my Foo Fighter vinyl…I crave the essence of a Trini Lopez." I'll wait until they come on the used  market and I can snap up a pair at maybe $500,000, or just wonder why I enjoy my relatively inexpensive gear as much as I do. I  assume I'm delusional…but it works for me.
I don’t have anymore cash leftover from getting these speakers for my source, amp and preamp. Has anyone tried hooking these Wilsons up to the external speaker output of an older Panasonic boombox? I do have some zip cord?