Is this possible? Could it be from the Walker SST

I recently used Walker SST on all my connections. I am very happy with the results, everything you have heard and read, well worth it. But, after about 5 hours of listening to lp's I began to hear the music slow down for a moment then imperceptibly resume speed normally. Could it be from the Walker SST and increased signal? I applied SST to all connections including cartridge leads. It also seems to get worse after a couple of lp's. Nothing else changed and I listen everyday for a couple of hours. I have changed belt too. So, the question is could it be from the Walker SST and increased connection?
As above I changed belt after problem to see if that helped and it did not. I am not sure it gets worse with warm up wither. Any thoughts. Thanks.
It seems unlikely that the Walker SST would have an effect like that.

But, since you removed all your connections to treat them, perhaps you loosened up a connection or wire somewhere that would affect the motor power supply, and now you have an intermittent problem.

Just a guess.