Is this stylus worn out?


I own a Lyra Delos. After several years, it began to sound a bit off. I think I was detecting some distortion in the high frequencies. As I had a 2nd cartridge in a similar price/quality/performance category (Transfiguration Axia), I switched to that one and put The Delos in the box for a while. Recently I began to play with a USB microscope and took some photos of the styluses on both cartridges. I was wondering if you would look at my photos of my Delos stylus and comment on its wear. I do not know what it looked like when new. Actually, I would love to see an image of a Delos stylus at the beginning of its life!  (I also attached one photo of the transfiguration axia for comparison.  Apologies in advance for the poor photo quality.  my microscope is not great.  Not sure if the image is attaching properly.  if you click on it, it will take you to a page with both shots that I have.









Wally mentions groove wear. Does this happen on all records or just one or two. I bought the Hudson ultrasonic stylus cleaner with just distilled water. Works great. I only do this once a month. The rest is done with a dry stylus brush before each play. I thought about this a while back that maybe we should all take a pick of our stylus when we get it so we can compare later. If you are going to have it retipped or buy a new cart it might be a good idea. I use an Ortofon Quintet Black. I can see pics on the web. They do not recommend using solvents so I only use distilled water. I hope this helped. 

I have had the Delos for exactly one year and play it 2 hours a day

I guarantee you that if you haven’t cleaned it with Lyra SPT on the red stylus brush mentioned above you have build up on the back side of your stylus  

The SPT cleaning solution has no solvent in its ingredients and is water based so 

Little chance you will damage the bonding compound holding your diamond to the cantilever. I do a wet clean once a week

Also I recently quit using the Onzo stylus cleaner as well  

wet cleaned the cantilever and stylus and the Delos has never sounded better

please let us know your progress  

Good luck Willy-T


Another one for cleaning your stylus.  It only takes a couple of minutes and cleaning it should be part of your maintenance schedule. How often depends on usage, time and environment.

All the best.


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