Is this the best way?

I’ll give you a idea of my power cords through my system and you guys let me know in which order to change
Wall socket to apc 15 power conditioner PangeaAc9se mkll
Apc to McCormack Dna1 Morrow Map 2
Apc to B&K 125.7 ps power punch
Apc to marantz pre amp morrow map 2
I have a ps power plus sc I just got
Any help will be appreciated I run Nht 2.9 with kimber8tc bi wired also Thanks Bob
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Some PC's are detrimental to the sound. I know APC makes computer surge protectors which I have heard do NOT make a good Hifi PC. The question then is whether this is a rebadged computer PC or a real Hifi PC made for hifi. I have no idea but I know it happens in other products.
I have the same APC 15, but it’s in my living room system which is a 5.1 for television and movies. Have never tried in a 2-channel system. With this said, and from my recollection, this particular unit was made for media/HT systems. Long ago I tried many power conditioners and this was the only one that simply protected and didn’t kill dynamics. 
Couldn’t hurt taking it outside of the equation to see what happens, though.

I changed out the PangeaAc9se mkll for the ps audio power plus sc from the wall to the conditioner.results....more detail better mids.the ac9 was more muddy and less detailed