is this the greatest live band of all time?

l know everybody has there own opinion however you be the judge?
Lets see, In one year at College we had The Who, The Dead, The Stones & Floyd.  How in the world could you pick just one? Impossible.
tooblue I thought of J Geils too but I think the original The Who band beat them.
No group live had the pure energy that J Geils Band had. Everyone and I mean everyone was on their feet dancing. Peter Wolf was great and Majic Dick was incredible on the harmonica. I would take J Geils for raw energy and Pink Floyd for the best all around concert due to their audio visual aspect of the concert. The Who in the original line up is a very close second. Whenever I saw The Who, watching Keith Moon hit the drums with such force was the best part. Peter Townshend’s windmill guitar playing got old, fast.
That’s good to know ‘cause I just got the cassette AND the CD of Full House J. Geils live. 🤗