Is this typical Service?

I contacted Classe' and inquired about having my amp-Classe'Ten, and Classe'Four serviced.I suspect a problem with the amp although at the moment its working ok.
Classe' replied it would take a minimum of 4hrs to check out each unit at a cost of $75US.
I asked about the lifetime warranty and Classe' replied they would honour it provided I had the original receipts and boxes.
Does $75US(this is a Canadian copmpany)seem excessive and what is the big deal with the original boxes.Most people throw out the boxes after 14 or so years.
Is Classe' being fair charging over $600US plus shipping just to examine the amp and pre,or am I just an out of touch miser?
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Check with Classe. Conrad Johnson will ship new boxes with the proper foam inserts (for a nominal charge) for you to send gear back to them.

Poor packing is UPS's most common defense for not paying an insurance claim.
I contacted Classe' and offered to purchase the appropriate boxes. They replied they could not do this because of the age of the equipment (1993). Also because of my not having the original boxes (I bought the amp and pre as full warranty demo products and NEVER had the boxes) they will not honour the warranty.
It is odd that I am aware of at least two other people who have had classe' service their older equipment and had them returned in NEW boxes.
Lastly I wasn't too clear on their service charges and policies.You must first go through their financial center located in Boston (i'm in Canada and I thought I'd be dealing with a Canadian company, anytime stuff has to cross the border its usually a head-ache), then it costs $75US per hour for a diagnostic check-this takes a minimum of 4hrs.Parts labour shipping all extra.
It seems expensive to me.
I've learned a hard lesson.
IMO $75 per hour is a reasonable charge. Having a minimum fee from a business standpoint is also to be expected.
Better not send something to my company for repair. We get $105 per hour. And if I have to travel to you, ha! better get your checkbook out. It's $105 per hour from when I leave until I get back, plus expenses and parts.
Can you tell me why they should do this for free?
If its a warranty issue I am sure they will not charge.