Is this typical Service?

I contacted Classe' and inquired about having my amp-Classe'Ten, and Classe'Four serviced.I suspect a problem with the amp although at the moment its working ok.
Classe' replied it would take a minimum of 4hrs to check out each unit at a cost of $75US.
I asked about the lifetime warranty and Classe' replied they would honour it provided I had the original receipts and boxes.
Does $75US(this is a Canadian copmpany)seem excessive and what is the big deal with the original boxes.Most people throw out the boxes after 14 or so years.
Is Classe' being fair charging over $600US plus shipping just to examine the amp and pre,or am I just an out of touch miser?
Can you tell me why they should do this for free?
If its a warranty issue I am sure they will not charge.
i totally agree with Elizabeth, if its not broken, don't try to fix it, you'll end up with alot of regret.
Mapleleafs3-the amp has what I think is a loud hum.Noticeable standing a few feet away,it doesn't come through the speakers. Usually with amps of this vintage its a power capacitor that causes it.A sign of age. While the amp is working I'm afraid that (a)the problem will worsen and (b)when it fails out right it may cause severe damage not only to the amp itself but to the speakers also.
Now for the good news -Classe will provide a proper box and honour the warranty provided the proper receipts and arrangements have been made with their service center.
This applies to everyone not just my self.
I want to very clear on thus topic. I was not trying to weasel out a freebie.I have a legit worry that there is something wrong with the amp. I felt Classe's orignal position to be somewhat harsh, fortunatly the powers that be changed their policy.
Classe' deserves a pat on the back for their change of heart.I'm going to stick with them.I bought the Classe' Ten amp because at that time (1993) and for that amount of money IMHO it was superior sounding to anything near its price. I didn't regret buying it then and I don't regret hanging on to it now.
That said,I stand by my advice SAVE THE BOXES.I would have saved my self a couple headaches had I known.And consider Classe' for your next audio purchase.They care.
You mentioned the hum coming from the amp and not the speakers, you may want to pop the top and tighten the nut and bolt holding the power supply as I own two of there 25 amps and I noticed one of them having a slight hum. I gave the nut and bolt holding the power supply a slight tightning and no more hum. One other thing is excesive DC on the line as this causes hum in the transformers. Maybe worth checking into before you send it off. If you go to they have great info on hum and what causes it.
$75 and hour charge is reasonable - and pretty consistent with what I've experienced with other companies. In my experience, the minimum service charge is 1 hour which I think it fair. 4 hours minimum to check them out seems really high - especially if nothing is wrong. Did I misunderstand you? In other words, they told you that it will cost at least $300 each, $600 total to check them out. Something is wrong there.

I just sent one of my M200's back to B&K to check out an intermittent fault - it cost me $96 including labor (1 hour which is the minimum), parts - one part bad (a switch) and few other minor parts they replaced to bring them back up to Spec, packaging in a brand new factory box, and shipping cost back to me.