Is this typical Service?

I contacted Classe' and inquired about having my amp-Classe'Ten, and Classe'Four serviced.I suspect a problem with the amp although at the moment its working ok.
Classe' replied it would take a minimum of 4hrs to check out each unit at a cost of $75US.
I asked about the lifetime warranty and Classe' replied they would honour it provided I had the original receipts and boxes.
Does $75US(this is a Canadian copmpany)seem excessive and what is the big deal with the original boxes.Most people throw out the boxes after 14 or so years.
Is Classe' being fair charging over $600US plus shipping just to examine the amp and pre,or am I just an out of touch miser?
$75 and hour charge is reasonable - and pretty consistent with what I've experienced with other companies. In my experience, the minimum service charge is 1 hour which I think it fair. 4 hours minimum to check them out seems really high - especially if nothing is wrong. Did I misunderstand you? In other words, they told you that it will cost at least $300 each, $600 total to check them out. Something is wrong there.

I just sent one of my M200's back to B&K to check out an intermittent fault - it cost me $96 including labor (1 hour which is the minimum), parts - one part bad (a switch) and few other minor parts they replaced to bring them back up to Spec, packaging in a brand new factory box, and shipping cost back to me.
Daveherm69: Since their purchase by B&W about 4-5 yrs ago, Classe is no longer a "CDN company" as you say...for true CDN stuff, check Anthem, Linar, Bryston....Classe is now a big international company and their warranty policy may not be as easy-going as it used to be. On the other hand, you can tell by their new products that the cash influx from B&W made them move up the ladder. Quality ladder I don't know but the look and price sure have moved up!
Beheme is quite right, Classe' is now an international company.Still they showed amazing concern that we work out our issues. I do have to wonder how on earth Classe' ever got the nerve to offer a life time warranty way back then. I'm glad they did though.
Regarding service time,Classe' stated their technicians are very meticulous and it would take a minimum of 4hrs.per unit.
I also inquired about having some gain added to the m/c section they said it could be done at a cost that probably wouldn't exceed $100US.
Dave- I am glad to see that this all worked out for you and eventually echoed my experience having the voltage converted to 120v when I bought a DAC-1. Great sounding unit and they did the work quickly and economically (course that was before they were bought). I do know that my local high end tech charges $150 minimum (2 hours) for bench work.