Is toeing speakers a bad idea?

I was toeing in my speakers and that seemed like a good thing to do. But then I decided to de-toe the speakers. I was hoping that the speakers dispersed things well enough and maybe they don't need to be focused so much to create a so-called sweet spot.

I found the imaging in the room was a lot better and sound improved. The room is a rectangular room and the speakers are placed at one end of the room about 3 feet from the wall. Room sizes 17 x 23 with a 7 ceiling. Maybe someone can share some rationale for this.  I feel the sound waves may spread out better and not be so disturbed when they collide in a so called sweet spot near my skull.


for me it was.....actually my speakers work best when faced outward....toward the left/right ears

I'm constantly, it seems, moving speakers around. About the only constant is tweeters at, or very near, ear level.  I tried to convince my wife experimentation was good.... didn't work with her either

Not enough toe in can hurt the center focus (phantom center) and you can also lose detail in the highs above 10k. Too much toe in narrows soundstage.