Is Tom Evans Audio Design out of business?

Anyone know about the status of this company? I shipped him a Groove phone preamp for repair and upgrade last August (from the USA to the UK). I did this through a USA Tom Evans dealer. I never heard directly from Tom Evans but the dealer would occasionally give me vague updates. In mid-February, the dealer said Evans told him my unit would be shipped "next week." But now the Tom Evans Audio Design e-mail bounces back and his phone has a 24/7 busy signal. The dealer, a guy named Darrin O'Neill of Audio Limits in Colorado, now says he knows nothing and thinks Evans may be out of business. I have contacted other Tom Evans dealers and no one can tell me anything helpful. Fortunately I was never charged and have not sent any payments, although I offered to several times. The whole situation seems very strange to me. I only post this because I have a phono preamp that is unaccounted for and not much recourse. Any info or suggestions would be appreciated.
"Did you ship in the factory supplied boxes?"
Good one Onhwy61. Have you ever owned Tom Evans gear? I have owned 5 Vibe preamps and 4 Pulse power supplies, and only the very last unit had anything even approaching a "factory supplied box," which was nothing more than a box that had a "Tom Evans" sticker on the side. There was no specific packing material, unless you consider bubble wrap to fall into that category. The gear sounds great but it always seemed to me to be sort of a "home brewed" operation. I will say that none of the units I owned ever broke down. I would still own the last one (Vibe 7, Pulse II) if I didn't need a balanced preamp. I am glad to hear they are still in business and I wish them well - I appreciate original thinkers who don't feel the need to follow the pack and I suspect Tom fits that mold.
These types of threads are becoming much too commonplace.

I appreciate talent as much as the next guy, but I’ve come across plenty of talented people that who have no business or even common sense.

Note to talent:

"Half of being smart is knowing what you’re dumb at”. There is nothing wrong with admitting that the rigors of your skillset make the business aspects of your endeavors are a dreaded distraction.

Ladok and others, who have posted similarly, are being wronged. There should be no doubt in you mind about that. A good business manager who can run the company and keep you on point will be worth every penny you pay him. World class chefs do this all the time. They cook while somebody else operates the restaurant.

Please receive this as well intentioned advise.
"I was never charged and i have not sent any payments".....
Please tell me why you would just not walk away from this,am i missing something?
Dear Ladok,

Tom Evans is in business. I have just received a Master Groove from him.

I have forwarded this thread to him and I just finished talking to him on the phone!

Tom has had email problems for a while but his phone works fine. Regardless, there is no excuse for poor communication.

Please email me your phone number or call me. I asked Tom to call you directly and explain the situation to you.

If you do not have a spare phono stage, let me know. Perhaps I can loan you one while you are waiting for the repair.

Best regards,