Is a scam site?

Hi, Is a scam site?

I have recently tried to purchase Seismic Bars from and have had no change to my order status for 13 days now, using their online webchat and e-mailing the company multiple times gets no response, in fact the e-mail redirects to which I also have had no response from when submitting e-mail informing them about this behavior from the townshendisolation site. I e-mailed townshend audio to let them know of a potential clone site and also to try and figure out early if I had been scammed.

Given the lack of response from either site, I am going to now try and get my bank to reverse the card charges and was wondering if anyone else has had this problem since the products seem legit and people have actually purchased these successfully from somewhere. Looking online I can find no indication of either site being scammers so wanted to put this out there as a cautionary tale that would show up in a search for people with similar experiances.

At this stage I recommend never attempt to buy from from and am not impressed with's lack of response either, even though it is not their site and I am not looking for compensation from them, they could at least have saved me a few days by telling me I wether I have been scammed or not.

This is a sad first post after having joined and lurked here since 2010 but I have been lucky with online purcashing overall and am not ging to lose life-changing money on this. Just buyer-beware and due-diligence!!

At the time of this post the page wont even load into my browser lol





Good people, good product , but bad times. The bright and motivated people that invent, make and sell the stuff that genuinely improve audio have my respect for sure...It's rough when things dont work out and I also hope the business does well as honest people losing livelihoods is never good.

It had not occurred to me that they might be experiancing business difficulties but that does make sense since there is no record of being scammers and I am such a minor first-time customer of one of their cheaper products.

Despite my misgivings so far I am not angry in any way and would be happy to receive the product (for all I know, my e-mails are in their spam box and the product is on it's way!), than attempt a credit reversal and buy the product elsewhere!

Starting this thread was and is about letting the next buyer beware and my own education since I couldnt find any information about this online.

Thanks ozzy, I may have read a post or two of yours over the years!


I had a good experience but two friends waited a while -- in one case, the podia were just stuck in DHL limbo.

My guess is that it may be they're short staffed and that this is Brexit generated mishegoss.

I ordered podiums from them via email good and fast response they were shipped in approximately 4-5 days but as previously stated DHL dropped the ball they sat in warehouse for an extra week all my concerns re correct size for my speakers were addressed I corresponded with a gentleman who’s first name is John he was available and fast to answer my questions the best part is the podiums elevated my system over any other tweak that I have installed 

"13 days is a long time."

Anybody else here remember when you were a kid and you wanted to order something from a bubblegum wrapper or the back ads in "Grit" paper and you had to send a SASE and 35c and wait 6-8 weeks?  Often by the time it showed up you had totally forgotten about it.

Anyway, I hope you hear from them soon.  


I order from them regularly. I always receive a response within a day, often almost immediately. I have never experienced any delays in product shipped.