Is Velodyne gone?

I own a DD-15 THX subwoofer,  and I need to know the part number for the accessory kit that came with it.  Ditto for the remote for it.
thanks for any help with this.  I must be getting too old!
Part number for the accessory kit is 80-DDAK. As for the remote, I see two numbers inside the battery compartment: G100602 and 3436BG0-002-R. I am really sorry to hear that Veloydyne is kaput. I love my DD-15 and will be very upset if it dies and cannot be repaired. I also have the online manual in pdf form if you need it.
I interviewed at Velodyne last fall for the Linux systems admin position they had at their LIDAR research facility.  I'm still kicking myself for turning down their offer.

At the time, they said they still had an audio manufacturer division, so I'd assume that part of the business is still in operation.

And in case you're wondering why I turned 'em down, my old manager made me an offer I couldn't refuse, so today I'm making about $22k more than I was 6 months ago.
macnut5, thanks for the link to Velodyne. It seems that they are still selling subwoofers. Now, to go to their fine print: they offer just a two year warranty on their subs. Two years, and that is all. Contrast that with SVS and Axion, who both offer a full five year warranty on their subs. As on owner of a Velodyne DD12 that has had amplifier failures, I would never buy another Velodyne product.