Is Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF) sexist?

Believe our addictive hobby is primarily male dominated. The technical aspects seem to appeal more to men. Or is that in and of itself sexist. There are now a few knowledgeable and astute women reviewers. I am always intrigued by the comments off the few women who identify themselves by name on the Forum. One in particular is quite long winded. I'm sure this has nothing to do with her sex. Although he/she has a name which could be male or female. I always love it when my wife comes to look at the record sleeve of the vinyl playing and rely on her opinion of the fidelity. Not to mention desire and count on her approval of new purchases. But is she also addicted? I don't think so. Does that have anything to do with being a woman. I don't think so. Does she care about the fine nuances? She says not. I would love to hear from women and anyone on this. WAF? I care a lot what things look like. HAF?

See it from a woman's perspective.
To make a home which is looking nice, she has to constantly manage things, which means prevent the home from cluttering.
To keep the home clean and manageable so it can be decorated and looks nice while everything is highly functional - else wise cleaning becomes difficult. Non functional clutter is weeded out.
And no, women (I know) do appreciate good sound - if it comes from gorgeous looking tube amps and the loudspeakers are not the size of fridges.
Many men might have a "hunter and gatherer" - aka hoarding complex.
When women "hoard", they tend to collect records, YMMV

There is always the Women's Perogative. She: "Come to think of it ..,, those old speakers weren't so bad after all, and the new ones "we" decided on don't sound nearly as good". 🙄 He: Actually, I never DID sell them, they're packed (hidden) away in the garage. I'll bring them right back in"!  😂
Iso -  agree with you 100 here.  If only George Carlin & Don Rickles were still alive.  

What if they were all audiophiles, Archie, George Jefferson, and Frank Lorenzo?  
Jefferson would have the B&O system and Frank Lorenzo would have a Linn / Naim system with LS3/5a’s I think.  JJ Evans a boombox.  Archie has the Fisher console.

(Notice how I keep trying to change this silly WAF sexist/not sexist/who gives two sh#+s conversation into something more fun)