Is Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF) sexist?

Believe our addictive hobby is primarily male dominated. The technical aspects seem to appeal more to men. Or is that in and of itself sexist. There are now a few knowledgeable and astute women reviewers. I am always intrigued by the comments off the few women who identify themselves by name on the Forum. One in particular is quite long winded. I'm sure this has nothing to do with her sex. Although he/she has a name which could be male or female. I always love it when my wife comes to look at the record sleeve of the vinyl playing and rely on her opinion of the fidelity. Not to mention desire and count on her approval of new purchases. But is she also addicted? I don't think so. Does that have anything to do with being a woman. I don't think so. Does she care about the fine nuances? She says not. I would love to hear from women and anyone on this. WAF? I care a lot what things look like. HAF?

Over the years, I have used the term WAF only a few times. I feel entitled to use the term, as it specifically applies. She is and has been my wife for a very long time and her opinion and approval has merit. Fortunately, she is quite flexible with my, borderline, audio eccentrics.

@coltrane1 She gets the living room and you get the den.

That defiantly helps.

When we moved back into a larger home, it gave us the space for separate AV and Audio rooms. The AV (family room) set up most convenient for her and the Audio (living room) set up for me.
The only WAF issue then was "The Maggies really don’t look too bad, but do they really need to be that far from the wall?" With a little resistance she went along and even helped me pick out some heavy drapes for the windowless wall behind the speakers - Isn’t Love Grand. :-)


Then they would not be acceptable, which should have been known before signing the contract

About a decade ago I met a nice looking woman whose personality matched mine. Excited to get to know her better, I invited her over.

Now my living space is 20 x 40 x 12ft peak in vaulted ceiling. The main rig occupies the south side of the room near the front door. The TV system is on the long wall

The front door opens into this large space. I open the door and AS SOON AS SHE WALKS IN she says (in NOT a happy voice): "This house is decorated for a bachelor"

Needless to say, that date did not last long