Isn't it really about quality of recording?

Are most of us just chasing our tails?

I mean you listen to a variety of recordings and some sound a lot better than others. Your system has limited impact on how good recordings can be. I am awestruck how some music sounds and clearly my system has nothing to do with it, it all occurred when the music was produced.

We talk about soundstage and imaging and I am not sure all the effort and money put toward a better system can really do that much for most of what we listen to because the quality is lesser than other recordings.

You can walk into a room and hear something that really sounds good and you say wow what an amazing System you have but no!!! It's the recording dummy not the system most of the time. Things don't sound so good it's probably the recording.

The dealers don't wanna talk about Recording quality no one seems to want to talk about it and why is this? Because there's no money to be made here that's why.



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Most recordings are good enough. Don’t blame the recording if it doesn’t sound good to you. It’s probably your system that isn’t set up well (in your room). No matter how much you’ve spent on cables. :)

Genesis - Trespass, is a very good recording. Bowie - Heroes, not so much (but there are good parts). Bowie - Lazarus, great great great!

Thanks for the Purple tip.

To me it’s, to borrow from math and data science, Garbage in, Garbage out. A bad recording will probably sound bad on a good system depending on how resolving it is.

Contrary, I'd say the content is more important than the recording quality.


So you like Elvis, and the recording quality back then was limited by the type of equipment used in the 50s/60s.  No matter what fancy digital mastering techniques, they can only do so much.


And now, your playback equipment is high end enough to bring Elvis "back to life" and appears he's singing in front of you.  That doesn't change the fact the recording was really not up to today's standard, but who cares?  Your toes are tapping!


Enjoy the good music and not worry too much about the logic or technicalities.

1970's  Lps,  Jbls, Altecs.  Was pretty familiar with the sound of my records.

Now have a good hiend system, listening to some of the old stuff one can hear the limitations of the older recordings, then some of these older recordings sound great on newer equipment. Always when buying new stuff never pay more then what you can resell it for quickly, just in case its not to your liking.

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