IsoAcoustics - A Class Act

I just wanted to share with folk my recent experience with IsoAcoustics.  I have a set of their Gaia I speaker feet.  I've switched my speaker set up to WP 7s and needed to change out the coupling bolts between the WPs and the Gaias.  After contacting the folk at IsoAcoustics they sent out a complementary set of connectors....I offered to cover the expense but they insisted on sending the connectors on their dime. When it comes to customer service, IsoAcoustics is without a doubt a class act.
Very nice.  Solid customer service goes such a long way towards establishing and maintaining a brand & products.  I always try to go out of my way to support vendors who respond to issues and inquiries quickly.  I hear about quite a few vendors who don't even respond to emails or make people wait many months on resolving issues to be such a turn off.  In my business I'd never expect a client to tolerate that and I recognize that in a sea of so many products and services that solid communications and customer service is low hanging fruit to differentiate yourself from  and beat the competition. To do otherwise is a self-inflicted wound in my view.
I recently ordered some Gaia II footers for my Kef Ref 1 speakers and they sent me the correct bolts at no cost also.  

Thank You for posting your experience. I want to try their footers for CD/SACD players.

Happy Listening!