IsoAcoustics Gaia Footers AND Townshend Seismic Podiums

This might sound counterintuitive, but has anyone tested whether having IsoAcoustics Gaia footers ON TOP of Townshend podiums make any improvement, or at least do not degrade the sonics compared to using the Townshend podiums on their own?

I just got the Townshend podiums and already have Gaia I footers on my T+A Solitaire S 530 speakers. I am too lazy to go back to the stock feet so now I have the Gaia between the speaker and the podiums.

I’ve seen a lot of discussions of IsoAcoustics and Townshend in the same thread but have yet to come across anyone who has tried using both at the same time.

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I honestly and respectively think you need to be less lazy and remove the Gaia footers and see what you think.  It’d be an interesting observation.

@soix I did remove them and installed the stock spikes on the speakers and placed them on the Podiums. There was an improvement in high frequency articulation and clarity, but the tonal balance shifted as a result, and I will need to play with positioning a little bit. I know most people put their speaker direct on the Podium but as the ones I am using are bottom ported, I am weary of doing this. I may try that as well. 

Two springs in series becomes a very complicated physics problem to solve (not unsolvable, but not easy).  The solution can have higher peaks and valleys and some un-expected harmonics and singularities.

I think the Townsend springs will dominate but don't know enough about the Gaia to be sure.

Townsend podiums are actually engineered for their weight range rather than just guess what spring constant to use.  So I would think you're better off with just the townshends.  


@carlsbad2 Well said. Yes, it seems that people across multiple forums unanimously agree the Townshend Podiums’ performance notably exceeds the IsoAcoustics Gaia footers. I did notice an improvement in clarity off the bat, though delineation/imaging was affected, likely due to small shifts in speaker positioning. I unfortunately had to travel out of state for the week, but I look forward to continuing to dial the speakers in with the podiums in place. 

I have Combak Harmonica footers on top of my Podiums and it’s outstanding. 
Full disclosure is that I only had help for a short period of time and did not want to remove the spikes from the Persona 5F’s  I have never tried them any other way. 
little different story with the Gaia’s though. ‘The Persona’s are also ported on the bottom and figured the extra height wouldn’t hurt.