IsoAcoustics Gaia Footers AND Townshend Seismic Podiums

This might sound counterintuitive, but has anyone tested whether having IsoAcoustics Gaia footers ON TOP of Townshend podiums make any improvement, or at least do not degrade the sonics compared to using the Townshend podiums on their own?

I just got the Townshend podiums and already have Gaia I footers on my T+A Solitaire S 530 speakers. I am too lazy to go back to the stock feet so now I have the Gaia between the speaker and the podiums.

I’ve seen a lot of discussions of IsoAcoustics and Townshend in the same thread but have yet to come across anyone who has tried using both at the same time.

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My God man. It's akin to driving on snow tires in summer. You must make a choice. Pray it's the correct one 🕜 time is wasting. Happy listening 🎶.

Not only should you remove the Gaia’s but you also should remove the stock feet or spikes. The reason is you want to maintain the stock height of the speaker’s cabinet relative to the floor for the best response. Put the Gaia's under one or more of your components.

@aewarren I’m not sure if you read it but my speakers are bottom ported. While the Podiums have a set of small cutouts in its base, placing the speaker directly on the podium will block 80-90% of the bottom port. Also, have you seen the Townshend Podiums? They basically add no height… maybe as little as 1/4” if you adjust carefully. 

Is this not the answer, sell the podiums and use these.