Isolating the listening chair?

Lately I have tried using audio isolation devices on the feet of my listening chair, first trying Tip Toes, then carbon fibre cones, suspension couplers and composite materials. I would have to say that the differences in sound quality exceed those in using the same devices on my tube amp, preamp, CD, or record player. I am now experimenting with different materials to put in the chair cushions, sand, closed cell foam, natural lambs wool, etc. The initial results are quite promising. Has anyone else had experience with this in the context of a high-end system?
you should try platform know the kind that porn stars wear...the soundstage comes into focus more...but , the wife acceptance factor is a bit questionable !!
I did the Cryo thing too, but then followed with the 800 degree heat treatment. Didn't work too well with the Maple frame! Whod'a thunk?!?
Hi All,

Just to bring this thread back to some serious discussion - it would not seem that isolating the listener from the floor by use of vibration control devices would not be appropriate. If the objective of an audio system is to reproduce the experience a person has listening to live instruments it could be argued that the listener in the live situation is normally receiving the vibration from the floor of the performance hall. It might be further argued that removing the floor's vibration from the listener's experience during audio system reproduction would make it more difficult to recreate the original experience.

We know that vibration and resonance audibly changes the signal the audio system is reproducing. It seems clear that if we are attemting to faithfully reproduce the music captured in the recording we must eliminate as much as possible the vibration and resonance from the system's components.


Audiogon should add a seperate category for this kind of thread. There is an Audiogon member who mentioned in his thread that he was breaking in his speaker stands.
Typo - It should say:

"it would not seem that isolating the listener from the floor by use of vibration control devices would be appropriate."